Substance Abuse Treatment

Alternative substance abuse treatment offered at Good Therapy differs from medical-model of addiction treatment. Services are provided by Mark Levine, LICDC-CS MAC owner of Minds at Peace and Andrea Antczak owner of Vivacity Healing. We believe that recovery from substance abuse should include positive lifestyle changes, social support, psychoeducation, and spiritual healing. We aim to treat the underlying causes and heal the areas of the mind, body and spirit that were harmed by the addiction process. We individualize treatment and consider the whole person. We offer culturally competent care, respect discretion and offer flexible scheduling outside of normal business hours.

For our body and brain to function properly, we require certain amounts of substances which are natural to the body and found in optimal nutrition. Substance abuse leads to lasting changes in the brains bio-chemistry, structure and function. A modern lifestyle characterized by stress and unhealthy eating habits adds further bio-chemical deficits in our body and brain. This lifestyle can lead to other confounding issues such as adrenal fatigue and food intolerances which further complicate the recovery process.

Substance abuse treatment at Good Therapy may include:

·         Individual counseling sessions
·         Group support
·         Auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture)
·         Reflexology and/or
·         Nutritional education for biochemical restoration

To inquire about an appointment for yourself or a loved one, please visit the Practitioners page.