Reflexology & Acupressure

Vivacity Healing offers a variety of acupressure, reflexology or acudetox treatments that will lead you to a happy and healthy life. These sessions help to relax the body, thereby reducing any constriction of blood vessels and improving circulation. In turn, it helps to break up and dissolve crystal deposits caused by an excess of uric acid, which has built up in the body and settled in the feet. Reflexology helps restore and maintain the bodies’ natural equilibrium and encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance.

Reflexology positively affects the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, immune, and neuropeptide systems in the body. It helps to increase natural energy, improve cognitive functioning, eliminate toxins, prevent migraines, boost circulation (which is optimal for anti-aging, immune function and treating other diseases. Treatment can improve flexibility, reduce fatigue, reduce aches and pains, speed up healing of wounds, balance metabolism, and heal the brain and body during post-acute withdrawal syndrome. 

Reflexology treats:

  • adrenal fatigue

  • anxiety

  • colds

  • constipation

  • cravings

  • depression

  • foot problems

  • headaches/migranes

  • insomina

  • pain

  • reslessness

  • sinus problems

  • urinary tract problems

  • and much more

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