Mindfulness Meditation

Mark Levine, LICDC-CS MAC of Minds at Peace offers mindfulness based coaching and workshops aimed to address a variety of concerns. Mindfulness is the practice of bringing awareness to the present moment with an attitude of acceptance and non-judgment. This sounds deceptively simple, but in reality our minds tend to be so busy with "chatter" that we are rarely in THIS moment.  

Imagine what it would be like if the only thing that we had to deal with was this current moment, as it is, with no judgments. Rather than ruminating about past mistakes or failures, or worrying about the next upcoming event or potential disaster, we practice just handling the "here and now." As we handle the "here and now," we take that a step further and we accept this moment for what it is. From that stance we are able to acknowledge the things that are effective for us, and maybe we choose to repeat those. We acknowledge the things that are not so effective, and maybe we do not repeat those. Wouldn't it be so much easier to deal with our lives if we removed the "shoulds" the "musts" and the judgments of not being (good/ smart/ pretty/ thin/ wealthy) enough? 

Mindfulness meditations are specific exercises designed to teach awareness and non-judgment. Benefits of mindfulness practices include:

  • Stress reduction

  • Reduced rumination

  • Decreased negative affect (e.g. depression, anxiety)

  • Less emotional reactivity/more effective emotion regulation

  • Increased focus

  • More cognitive flexibility

  • Improved working memory

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